FigureGen Basics

Jan 22 2014

Figuregen is a graphics code that will process the *.63 files and other files. You can also use it to plot the grid and the bathymetry. There are lots of options in Figuregen and a lot is explained on Casey Dietrich's homepage. I am only going to explain how to plot a maxele.63 type file.

  • Create a directory and copy over all of the files in /h1/clint/Figuregenbasics.`
  • Type Figuregen and when it prompts for an input file type FG49Ike.inp
  • Let it do its thing and you should get a .jpg file called HGBMIkep00001.jpg.

Let's open the input file FG49Ike.inp and I will go over some of the input features.

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