Welcome to the ICES Computational Hydraulics Group Wiki

This is a place for code and notes for projects in the ICES Computational Hydraulics Group. Slides from group meetings and example codes should be posted here. There should eventually be a wiki page for each of the group's codes that gives a description of the code and instructions on building and running it.



Python Tools

  • Simple set of tools for manipulating and plotting ADCIRC files PyADCIRC
  • PolySim Notes - Tools for running parallel runs of PADCIRC, manipulating and plotting ADCIRC files

UQ Reading Group Info

  • UQ Group Info - Basic information about the group including links to the book
  • UQ Schedule - Schedule of what we will be reading when and who will lead the discussion each week

Trac Help

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

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